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For Patients

Our treatment protocols for rehabilitation are proven to be safe and effective.

The patient spends approximately one hour each visit, with one-on-one care by a physical therapist and certified exercise physiologist to ensure the rehabilitation protocols are being performed properly.

Treatment will be provided two to three times per week, with evaluations performed every two to four weeks.

At that time, related physical findings and subjective, functional, and objective information will determine the need for further care. Our protocols usually last from two to eight weeks. Once the patient has completed the program, we encourage an on-going independent exercise program to maintain their condition and promote continued improvement.

New Patients

Patient Forms

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We accept all auto and workers compensation insurances and are participants in many health insurance plans.

What To Expect

Intake Paperwork
Our initial paperwork provides us with important information about you and your condition. If you are unable to complete your paperwork ahead of time, please arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior early, to ensure you get the full amount of time with the physical therapist on your first visit.
The initial evaluation generally lasts about an hour. After checking in and completing your paperwork, our physical therapist will review your medical history and perform an examination to assess range of motion, pain levels, strength, posture, balance, coordination, gait and functional deficit using a number of specialized orthopedic and physical tests.
Treatment will usually begin on your first visit. Subsequent visits usually last 30 to 45 minutes. Your care may consist of any of the interventions available at our clinic, including manual therapy techniques, MedX spinal rehabilitation, functional training, Kinesiotaping, orthopedic bracing and therapeutic modalities (ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, iontophoresis, cervical traction, lumbar disc decompression, etc.)

An integral part of your physical therapy is patient education. Throughout your care, our therapists will instruct you in a home exercise program consisting of functional stretches, and stability and strengthening exercises, as well as proper body mechanics and equipment use.

Progression and Release
We will perform continual reassessments to monitor your progress and send updates to your referring physician. Our goal is to smoothly transition you to an independent program upon discharge once your condition has stabilized.